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Foam Roof Solutions
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Ivan S.
Ivan S.
2024-06-21 11:32:31
I chose to replace my flat roof with foam and having Harry from Foam Roof Solutions work with me through the process was amazing. I love the results and...
Sherry M.
Sherry M.
2022-08-01 12:07:42
Harry Spriggs and his crew of Valley Foam Inc were amazing!!! They did a great custom job on our round flat roofing. Great job on quality and time. We...
Budd S.
Budd S.
2022-06-26 13:15:01
We had a great experience with Alex and team of Advanced Foam Roofing / Foam Roof Solutions. We had an addition last year and another contractor provided...
Mike M.
Mike M.
2021-04-30 08:03:21
We moved into our low-slope "Eichler" style house back in September of 2020. The sellers let us know the rolled paper roof would need to be re-done soon,...
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Home - Foam Roof Solutions | Serving the Bay Area & Sacramento


At Foam Roof Solutions, our goal is to educate property owners on the financial and environmental benefits of restoring existing residential and commercial flat roofing systems.

Foam Roof Solutions apply Foam Roofing in Sacramento and the Bay Area, restoring your existing flat roof while saving you money, plus the hassle of removing and building a new roof. Additionally, this means less waste that ends up in landfill sites.

Why tear-off your old roof when you can fully restore it with a closed cell, sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) roof? All the other conventional roof solutions on the market need to be completely torn-off when replaced, filling landfills with unnecessary waste.

Other roofing systems also emit environmentally damaging gasses in direct sunlight and need to be replaced every 5-10 years. But with a bit of care and some basic maintenance, your SPF roof can last a lifetime!

We work with leading consultants in the Bay Area who only install premium grade Foam Roofing Insulation. When you weigh up the cost of a full roof replacement, versus the cost of installing spray foam roofing, it’s clear to see that SPF roofing saves you money, prevents leakages, and reduces your carbon footprint.

SPF roofing that’s applied by leading contractors can help to lower the temperature inside your property by up to 20 degrees, saving you money on your energy bills.

  • In most cases, we won’t need to tear-off your existing roof, saving you time, money and waste disposal.
  • Our Spray foam is rated as low emission by the EPA while it’s being applied.
  • Spray foam roofing is inert when cured, and the cure time is only around 2 minutes.
  • The top-coat is title 24 approved (reflective and produces no off-gassing), it’s also water based and lasts for 15-20 years.
    10, 15 & 20 year full manufacturer warranties are available.

Call us on (800) 878-1480 now! If the sound of reduced energy and maintenance bills sounds appealing to you, please give us a call and we’ll offer help and advice on installing or restoring foam roofing in Sacramento and the Bay Area

Meet your South Bay Area, San Jose, and Palo Alto Foam Roof Contractor:

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Home - Foam Roof Solutions | Serving the Bay Area & Sacramento


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"Wow! Foam looks great, my house is warmer, and I look forward to never having to deal with it again. I thank you."

-Marc Rogiers

"Harry Spriggs and his crew of Valley Foam Inc were amazing!!! They did a great custom job on our round flat roofing. Great job on quality and time. We recommend this roofer!!!"

-Sherry M.

Foam Roofing FAQs

What is residential foam roofing?

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing has been used in residential and commercial roofing for nearly 40 years. SPF is a two component (non-toxic, emission free) sprayed liquid that expands into a solid (closed cell polyurethane) rigid, walkable surface. Once the liquid is sprayed and cured (about, five minutes) the surface is walkable and virtually impenetrable. Once applied, any flat or low-pitched roof will have a solid, seamless, insulation blanket covering the entire roof. There are no nails, screws, or glues used, leaving zero chance of water leaks. SPF has an extremely high level of heat and cold resistance making it an excellent insulator for both summer and winter temperatures. To protect the SPF roof from the UV of the sun, either an acrylic or silicone coating is used as a cover. Typically, the coating will last for 10-20 years, and the SPF roof only needs to be recoated in the future. The SPF roof lifespan is indefinite.

What are the benefits of foam roofing?
  1. 100% surface coverage over any flat or low-pitched roof.
  2. 100% attached to the prepared substrate covering all cracks, seams, or penetrations on the existing roofing system.
  3. No tear-off required, which eliminates landfill disposal.
  4. Zero emissions when sprayed and inert when cured.
  5. Can be sprayed thicker in areas to promote drainage to thinner locations such as drains or gutters.
  6. Covered by either a water-based acrylic or a non-emissions silicone for UV protection, therefore no future tear-off or landfill. Only a recoating is required every 10-20 years.
How does foam roofing affect energy consumption?

Because of the high insulation qualities of SPF, most home and building owners notice 10-to-15-degree lower interior temperatures in the summer (reducing cooling costs or eliminating the need for air conditioning) and increased heat containment during the winter, lowering heating cost.

What is the lifespan of a foam roof?

The lifespan of an SPF roof is indefinite. Mostly, the life span depends on the care and maintenance performed by the home or building owner. The lifespan depends on proper repairs of third-party installations (skylights, HVAC, electrical conduit, etc.) and making sure the SPF remains covered by the acrylic or silicone topcoat. The lifespan of the topcoat is determined by the amount of coating applied by the original installer.

Why is it important for the SPF installer/contractor to use the same manufacturer for both the foam and the topcoat?

In California, SPF is regulated for emissions by both the federal and state governments. California requires “HFO” foam to be sprayed, which is considered “zero-emissions”. This means all SPF contractors are required to use government regulated spray foam. There are no exceptions. The topcoat however has no emissions regulations, so contractors can use any chosen coatings manufacturer as a topcoat. For the SPF roofing system to qualify as a “system” the manufacturer of the SPF must approve the coating that covers the SPF roof. This presents a problem if there are any manufacturer defects in the future as the manufacturer of the foam will not warranty the defect if a different coating manufacturer is used as a topcoat.