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Advanced Foam Roofing is the leading San Francisco bay area SPF contractor with up-to-date, modern equipment and current technology to apply your SPF roof in a way that will last a lifetime.

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Alex Jimenez is the contractor & applicator for Advanced Foam Roofing (AFR). He is a Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) certified master sprayer and has been applying foam roofing systems for over 25 years. Alex has spray applied more than 1 million square feet of SPF roofing, both commercial & residential. You can be assured that your SPF roof will be installed with the highest level of skill as Alex is not only the owner of AFR, but along with his professional team, he is the applicator/sprayer on every project.

Alex Jiminez, AFR Owner

Advanced Foam Roofing (AFR) is dedicated to detail and following current manufacturer specification guidelines on all jobs, big or small.


Often, flat roof projects have other types of roofing materials that are connected to the same roof. AFR has skilled craftsmen who can address all other types of roofs such as asphalt shingle, concrete or tile. AFR can also solve any dry rot/fascia needs that your foam roofing project might require.

AFR is a qualified contractor/applicator for major SPF manufacturers, so you know your roof is applied with the highest quality SPF and protective coatings. AFR does not use private label or independent coating manufacturers.

Unlike other SPF contractors, AFR applies 2” of SPF as a standard thickness to give your home the maximum insulation value. All other SPF contractors apply 1.5” or would charge more money for an additional ½”. AFR has a competitive price guarantee for their 2” thickness.

AFR is dedicated to restoring any existing foam roofs that might need attention without tearing off & disposing in a landfill. AFR offers a 10 year “no-leak” warranty on all restorations.

AFR offers a 15-year “no-leak” warranty on all newly installed SPF systems.

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No job too small or too big. We have installed more than 1,000,000 square feet of both commercial & residential roofing.


We spray 2″ for 30% more insulation than any other foam roofing company.


Foam Roof Solutions offers a competitive price guarantee!


We have excellent ratings on both Yelp and Facebook!


Homeowner is additionally insured at no additional cost.

Please contact us if you would like to take part in one of the best possible ways to help the environment by installing a new foam roof or restoring the one you have by calling (800) 878-1480 today!


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