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Foam roofing contractors in Sacramento and the Bay Area are professionals who specialize in installing and maintaining foam roofing systems. If you’re looking for one then you’re likely to be aware of the comprehensive services that they offer, as well as the installation process of spray foam roofing. If you’re not, however, we’ll outline them for you.

Services That Leading Foam Roofing Contractors Offer

Foam roofing contractors can inspect existing roofing to determine if it is a good candidate for the application of foam roofing. They will first evaluate the condition of the roof, as well as any additional factors that may affect the installation process. A contractor will then prepare the roof surface by cleaning it thoroughly and repairing any damage. This is a crucial step to ensure optimum performance and lifespan of spray foam roofing in Sacramento and the Bay Area.

The application process itself consists of polyurethane foam being sprayed in liquid form onto the roof’s surface, typically via the use of a sophisticated spray foam gun, which ensures an even and consistent application.

After the foam has cured to form a solid membrane, a contractor will then apply an additional protective coating to the surface to help protect it from UV rays and other environmental factors.

Lastly, foam roofing contractors can provide ongoing support throughout the lifetime of SPF roofing, with regular inspections, services, and eventual re-coating.

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