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Did you do a search for “Commercial Roofing Companies Near Me”? If so, keep reading… we can help!  A local, commercial spray foam roofing company might be difficult to find. The reason? Commercial foam roofing companies need to store products unlike conventional roofing companies who can pick up their product at most any roofing supply store. Although there are distribution companies who can order & store spray foam products, they are just about as available as foam roofing contractors. Most commercial buildings have flat roofs, so sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) is the perfect solution to a flat problem. SPF solves several problems where flat, commercial roofs are concerned. First, spray foam is sprayed on as a liquid. It rises & dries into a solid and in about three minutes, you can walk on it. When the foam is cured and completely covering the prepared roof surface, it provides a solid, seamless, insulation blanket. The foam can be sprayed thicker in areas to promote drainage and reduce standing water. If you’re thinking you’re going to eliminate standing water from a flat roof, think again. It’s flat. However, without the construction of “crickets” underneath all other conventional roofing products (ie., TPO, PVC, single ply, torch down, bitumen) foam is the only product that can improve drainage on it’s own. We can help you locate a Commercial Foam Roofing Company Near you.  Click Here

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So, let’s review… SPF is a solid, sprayed on membrane that will never leak. SPF can be sprayed thicker to promote drainage. SPF has a very high insulation value. SPF is seamless and you can walk on it. Now there are other benefits. For the most part, the old commercial roofing system does not need to be torn off and sent to the landfill, therefore no environmental impact. An SPF roofing system never needs to be replaced (if it’s properly maintained) and here’s why… There is a protective, UV coating system that is sprayed on over the SPF roofing system, so the UV of the sun can never damage the roofing system. Typically, this UV protective system only needs to be re-sprayed every 10-15 years (some 20-25-year coatings are also available. It depends on the manufacturer.) and is a fraction of the cost of a new roof. This is an important note… the SPF is your water/insulation/vapor barrier and your UV coating system is a UV protector, not a water barrier and has nothing to do with leaks, so don’t let a coating salesperson talk you into re-coating to solve a leak problem, because it won’t help. You can use a commercial SPF contractor near you to re-coat the roof or a qualified painting contractor, just know that SPF & UV coating are two different animals. SPF needs sophisticated equipment that sprays two chemicals that react to each other when applied to the prepared surface. UV coating only requires a paint pump. SPF requires an experienced applicator who knows how the equipment functions and has years of experience spraying SPF. The UV coating only needs a paint pump operator (skilled is better than unskilled). The UV coating is a thick paint (typically a 50-60% solids), so a high-pressure paint pump is required.

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So, you see, there is some talent required to apply an SPF roof as well as storage space for product and one more thing… A very expensive truck or trailer setup, because all of this stuff has to be transported to your local job site. You have an SPF dual component machine, paint pump, generator, compressor, hoses, SPF materials, UV coating, tools, etc. Literally, a factory on wheels. Hopefully, you can see by now that the SPF roofing process is complex, unlike conventional roofing where a torch, some glue, nails and cheap labor are the only requirement and therefore it’s difficult to find a local spray foam roofing contractor. There are probably around 2% SPF contractors compared to conventional roofing contractors, but the beauty of SPF is that it’s permanent. Once the job is finished, there is no more re-roofing. Ever.

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