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What makes our contractors different from other foam roofing contractors who claim to be “Eichler home” foam roof experts or specialists? Our dedicated contractors have a great deal of experience installing foam roofing on Eichler homes in San Francisco and offer fully tailored, custom Eichler spray foam roofing solutions. Our experts know how to professionally install Eichler foam roofing that is in keeping with the much-loved architectural style of Eichler homes.   Custom Eichler Spray Foam Roofing - Foam Roof Solutions | Serving the Bay Area & Sacramento

No other foam roofing company in the San Francisco Bay Area works directly with contractors that install Eichler roof insulation themselves. Other companies use paid-by-the-hour roofing contractors who aren’t Eichler foam roofing specialists. When a dedicated Foam Roof Solutions contractor installs your spray foam roof, it’s a custom foam roof solution that will last for many years.

Our contractors treat every roofing system they work on as unique and therefore devise a custom foam roof system that delivers the best performance. Eichler homes themselves are truly unique, and our licensed installers are very mindful of this fact as they apply SPF roofing to Eichler homes in San Francisco which does not detract from their aesthetic charm in any way. 

Our contractors have installed millions of square feet of spray foam roofing on a range of residential and commercial properties. As manufacturer-approved installers, they know the best methods to use and have access to the best tools and equipment. 

We typically apply a 2″-thick layer of spray foam insulation, which is thicker than most other Bay Area contractors offer. The reason we install 2″ of spray foam roofing as opposed to other contractors’ 1.5″ is simple: Whether you believe in climate change or not, Northern California is becoming hotter in the summer for longer periods. 2″ of spray foam roofing will insulate your home and help protect your property for years to come. 1.5″ of spray foam can’t be cost-effectively upgraded to 2″, and we therefore always recommend choosing 2”.

Note: if you choose a contractor who uses a silicone top coat rather than an elastomeric water-based acrylic, as we do, you will not be able to spray additional foam on it without removing the entire insulation layer and respraying it again. Sprayed polyurethane foam does not adhere to silicone, so we always advise not choosing a silicone top coat.

We have installed custom Eichler spray foam roofing on countless properties in San Francisco and understand the unique challenges associated with Eichler roofing.  You can learn more about our Residential Roofing services here.

Custom Eichler Spray Foam Roofing throughout Northern California

Our spray foam roofing contractors have offices in California Central Valley, San Francisco, San Anselmo, and Sacramento, CA. We have expert installers in all of these areas year-round, with the exception of major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Additionally, we also provide a 24-hour emergency response service if you have a roofing contract with us.

We offer comprehensive 15- and 20-year full “no-leak” warranties that last from the moment of installation to the date the warranty expires. with virtually no maintenance required (other than routine activities such as keeping leaves and debris from drains and gutters).

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