Custom Eichler spray foam roofing

Custom Eichler Spray Foam Roofing by Foam Roof Solutions

Eichler_videoWhat makes our contractors different than any other foam roofing contractor who claims to be an “Eichler” foam roof expert or specialist? Our contractors personally install your spray foam roof and really are experts about custom Eichler spray foam roofing. No other San Francisco bay area foam roofing contractor personally installs your roof, they use paid-by-the-hour employees. This is why when a Foam Roof Solutions contractor installs your spray foam roof, it’s a custom foam roof system that with proper care & maintenance will last a lifetime.

Our contractors pay full attention to details and install one roof at a time, hence a custom foam roof system for you! Eichler homes may look like the one next door, however each roof is different with its own personality. This is why it’s important for you to work directly with the licensed installer and not an employee or a “family member”.

Combined, our contractors have installed millions of square feet of residential post modern design homes and commercial roofing. They know the specifications guidelines for the manufacturer installation and work directly with the manufacturer of the product used on your roof. No other San Francisco bay area contractor personally installs your roof and uses a specific product manufacturer from start to finish.

Our contractors install 2″ of spray foam insulation as a standard thickness, which is a claim no other bay area contractor will make. The reason we install 2″ of spray foam roofing as opposed to other contractor’s 1.5″ is simple. Whether you believe in climate change or not, Northern California is getting hotter in the summer for longer periods of time. 2″ of spray foam roofing will insulate your home & protect you from the effects of climate change for years to come. Once you spray 1.5″ of spray foam to your roof you won’t be able to spray more in the future without extraordinary additional cost. As a side note, if you choose a contractor who wants to use a silicone top coat rather than water based acrylic (elastomeric), you will not be able to spray more foam without tearing the entire roof off and respraying. Sprayed polyurethane foam won’t adhere to silicone, so our recommendation is stay away from a silicone top coat.  We have installed many custom Eichler spray foam roofing jobs and understand the nuances associated with an Eichler roof.  You can learn more about our Residential Roofing services here.

Custom Eichler Spray Foam Roofing throughout Northern California

Our spray foam roofing contractors have offices in the California Central Valley, San Francisco, San Anselmo & Sacramento, CA. We have crews in all of these areas year ’round with the exception of major holidays like Thanksgiving & Christmas. Otherwise, we offer 24 hour emergency response and will keep you dry all winter if you have a new roof contract with us. We offer 15 & 20 year full “no-leak” warranties with no maintenance required (other than typical homeowner responsibility for cleaning leaves, debris & drains or gutters) from installation to warranty expiration.

Let us help you with your custom Eichler spray foam roofIf you own an Eichler home or similar design and would like to work directly with your spray foam roof contractor rather than a hard selling salesperson who sells spray foam roofs in bulk (along with a number of other construction products), please give us a call at (800) 878-1380 for a free consultation, so we can give you a competitive price on a superior, custom installation.

Call Foam Roof Solutions today at (800) 878-1380 for a free consultation. We can answer any questions about custom eichler spray foam roofing.

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