Delving into the Subject of Commercial Foam Roofing Insulation

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Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) makes for a highly effective form of insulation when applied to commercial buildings. Because commercial buildings consume more energy per square foot than residential properties, commercial foam roofing has the potential to save a great deal of money when it comes to energy used by both heating and cooling appliances.

The application of spray polyurethane foam is suitable for most commercial buildings, including those with flat roofs and metal roofs. Even steeply-angled pitched roofs are suitable for commercial foam roofing, however, be prepared that labor costs will likely be significantly higher, as pitched roofs require additional equipment to apply, plus extra safety measures such as scaffolding and harnesses.

Key features of commercial foam roofing:

  • Leveling & Sloping – Spray out low spots caused by years of gravity
  • Insulating – Reduces outside temperatures as well as creates a vapor barrier for inside heat retention.
  • Landfill-free – Spray foam roofing will never end its life in a landfill site
  • Renewable – Less environmental impact using water based UV protective coatings.
  • Seamless – Forming a seamless protective layer, SFR has no gaps or joints for water to leak through

Your new application of commercial foam roofing

Foam Roof Solutions is a cooperative of manufacturer approved spray foam roofing contractors in Sacramento and the Bay Area. An initial inspection / assessment of your existing commercial roof will cover;

Drainage systems – Drainpipes will need to be cleared and drainage systems checked to ensure they are working effectively prior to the application of commercial foam roofing.

Cleaning – The entire surface of the roof will need to be cleaned & primed, with any debris removed prior to foam application to ensure that it adheres properly to the surface.

Once your commercial foam roof is prepared per the manufacturer specifications,, the application of spray foam can then commence.

The application process

Application of spray foam roofing is typically quick and easy, with foam being applied in liquid form which then dries and hardens to form an impenetrable barrier over the existing roof. The time it takes to apply commercial foam roofing will depend on how large the surface area of the roof is, typically, an application can take a team of three to four a day or so to complete the average roof.

Once dried, the foam insulation will begin working immediately, protecting the property against heat-loss during the colder months and heat-transfer during the warmer months, as well as ensuring water doesn’t find its way through the roof whenever it rains.

Invest in your commercial property

Commercial foam roofing is a real investment helping to extend the life of your roof, whilst at the same time, reduce maintenance and repair bills. Foam Roof Solutions work with a team of independent contractors who supply Commercial foam roofing solutions that come with a guarantee of up to 20 years.

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