How to get a foam roof evaluation if I’m a realtor or my home is in escrow.

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If you are a realtor or your home is in escrow, it can be difficult to find a foam roofing contractor who will give you a free estimate. This is because you are looking for an evaluation of the roof and you are not a potential buyer. Typically, all real estate transactions there is a home evaluation with a roofing report to go with it. However, most home reports will suggest that you speak with a foam roofing contractor to get the full story on the roof as foam roofing requires someone with years of technical experience. At foam roof solutions, we can provide you with a foam roof evaluation for $250.00. When your home closes escrow, our contractors have agreed to return the $250.00 from the estimated cost at the time of the evaluation. If you would like an expert to evaluate your foam roof in escrow, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

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