How to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

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Your roof faces directly at the sun each day – absorbing the solar rays and transferring that heat right into your home. Many flat roof homes have little to no insulation and adding fiberglass insulation may not be possible.

The design of an Eichler (or Eichler influenced home) had several layers of roofing material. There was the gravel and tar as the top layers. Below the tar you may find an ½” layer of fiberglass insulation (which is often crushed and provides no insulation value). Visible from the inside is the tongue and groove redwood planking.

We’ve heard of many ways to insulate your home from the burning heat of summer. Here are five ways to cool your home in summer:

  1. Grow a roof garden
  2. Paint the roof white
  3. Plant fast-growing shade trees
  4. Add a spray foam roof

Roof gardens or “green roofs” are interesting. The roof support must be engineered to allow for the weight of the soil and accumulated moisture. A moisture barrier must be in-tact and sufficient to prevent water from entering the house. While interesting, mowing a roof is not that much fun.

Painting the roof white will reflect the sun’s rays. However, without necessary insulation, the home will continue to warm. Air cooled by the air conditioning system will be warmed by the roof and increase costs.

Trees are a beautiful source of shade. Planting them on the south side of the house can lessen direct sun on the home. The time to grow shade trees will not provide relief today. Leaves that accumulate on the roof should be removed to prevent damage to the roofing material.

Adding a spray from roof to your home provides immediate insulation and reflects the intense solar radiation. A seamless, insulated foam roof will last a lifetime. The previous roofing material does not need to be removed to end up in a landfill. The new roof goes right over the top of the old roof saving time and money.

The spray foam roof will contour to the unique architectural features of your home. The seamless application means no leaks. And the UV coating and white color will protect your investment from the damaging rays of the sun.

You’ll notice the insulating effects immediately. You will have control over the temperature of your home saving you money while adding comfort.

Of course we are having fun with alternative methods to insulate your home. Give us a call today – let’s talk about how a spray foam roof will protect and insulate your home.

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