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I am very proud about the great things Foam Roof Solutions offers our clients. Our customer service and ability to offer the best spray foam roof products and professional installation has led to many satisfied customers. One thing I’m especially proud of is our higher standard in how much foam we lay down. At Foam Roof Solutions, we make sure every roof we put down has at least 2 inches of foam. A third more than the industry standard!


According to the standard building practices accepted by the International Code Council (ICC), spray foam roof material generally has an R-value of 6.5 per inch. This is vastly better than the R-value of any comparable flat roof material, such as asphalt, PVC or build up roofs. The additional half inch of foam we supply at no charge means you get even more benefits from this superior material.


In addition to the superior insulation of the spray foam material itself, a spray foam roof will seal off every penetration on your roof making it airtight. This makes a huge difference when temperatures exceed 90 degrees, especially in San Francisco Bay Area homes that may lack air conditioning systems. If you grew up in the Bay Area, you know how many older buildings were built without air conditioning, and just as many flat roof structures were built with poorly insulated roofs.


This past summer, the Bay Area experienced record heat waves and San Francisco, Oakland and Santa Rosa all broke temperature records.  A study published this summer concluded that in the near future, Sacramento will experience over 30 days per year of over 100 degrees, and normally cool Oakland will experience as many as 16 days of 100 degree weather per year.


These extreme heat waves can also lead to record energy bills for your home or structure. That’s why we insist on installing 2 inches of foam on every roof (commercial roofs may vary). If you’re thinking about installing a new spray foam roof, other roofing contractors in Northern California will tell you the industry standard of 1.5 inches will be enough, however what worked in the past will not be enough in the future.

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