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Foam Roof Solutions was founded on the idea that old foam roofs can be 100% restored. Residential foam roofing started in the San Francisco bay area in the late 70’s and many of them still exist today, however “existing” is not enough. Actually, existing is the problem. Most homeowners, contractors (roofing & general) don’t know the first thing about your foam roof. In fact, time and time again I see existing foam roofs where, over the years, someone has tried a cheap patch (black patches don’t belong on white roofs and foam doesn’t leak) or tried to re coat their roof using coatings from Home Depot. All of this is putting good money towards a bad idea.

Coating companies (painters) are not foam roofing companies and have no idea how to re coat a foam roof. Although a coating company might be a lot more affordable, in 2-5 years the coating will be coming off and you will be seeking an expert.

Why not hire a company that can extent the life of your foam roof by another 10-20 years, rather than take chances? Remember, the foam is your roof, the coating is your UV protector, so you need an expert in both to restore the roof back to its original condition.

If you have an existing foam roof and you feel like it’s more than 15 years old, please give us a call and we’ll give you a FREE estimate. We specialize in restoring foam roofs and giving its life back. Please don’t tear off your old foam roof until you talk to us. Do your part by helping the environment by not disposing of your old foam roof in the landfill and keeping the insulation that you know you’ll need.

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