Your Money Isn’t Going Down the Drain, It’s Going Through the Roof

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There’s a distinctive California look to flat roof homes. The Eichler design alone accounts for around 11,000 of these “California Modern” style homes. Energy efficiency was not a consideration when this mid-century modern style was being built.

In the current age we have efficient heating and cooling systems to maximize our comfort. The roof of these homes was not designed or built to maintain an even temperature. As a result owners of these elegant homes send too much of their money each year to the energy companies.

When the home was built a thin layer of insulation may have been installed on the roof. However, over time this layer has been crushed by the tar and gravel roofing materials. The result: the roof is leaking money.

The modern style was intended to make the dream of home ownership more affordable. The open post and beam with slab floors and radiant floor heat was intended to lower the cost of buying the home. The cost to build the home was lower because it did not need finishing plaster, moulding, or heating/cooling ducting.

If these homes were built today in a similar design, more care would be given to controlling energy usage; construction would include updated building materials built to last and match the timeless design. 

“This roof that lasts a lifetime.” What a marvelous addition that would have been for those selling a California Modern home. The good news is that it is possible today. In fact, a roof that will last a lifetime can be installed on a these low pitch roofed homes. A spray foam room can be applied without removing the old roofing material (saving our landfills).

Not only will the beauty and styling of the home be preserved, the home will be more comfortable. We want to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A spray foam roof is the perfect solution.

Let’s work together to keep your money from going through the roof. We listen to you and will match you with the right spray foam roofing solution. Adding insulation and protecting your home from sun, wind, water, and other damaging elements.


We install the only leak-free, insulated roofing system that will pay for itself and last a lifetime.

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