Metal Roof Insulation & Coatings

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Metal roofs are popular because they are lasting, aesthetically attractive, and durable. As if that wasn’t enough, they are also a remarkably green roofing solution.

But metal roofs tend to be very conductive. As a result, they carry heat and sound particularly well, which means that as a roofing option, they can become too hot and too loud.

Luckily, there are easy ways to remedy these issues so that you can enjoy all of the benefits of a metal roof without having to deal with the negatives.

Adding a spray foam roof coating with Foam Roof Solutions on top of your existing metal roof will combine the durability of metal roofs plus the incredible insulation of foam insulation.

Our highly qualified roofing contractors have years of experience working directly with product manufacturers to deliver first-rate commercial and residential foam roofing services.

Metal Roof Insulation

If you have a metal roof or plan to have one installed, you’ll need to think about insulation.

We offer top-quality metal roof insulation. With the most suitable foam insulation and skilled contractors you can trust, Foam Roof Solutions can help your metal roof last a lifetime.

Not every insulation is compatible with every metal roof. However, this isn’t something you will have to worry about since our specialists have an in-depth knowledge of metal roofing and insulation options.

Foam insulation is the perfect choice for roofing renovations. Metal roof insulation can be installed on top of existing metal roofs. It provides increased R-value and expands to fit securely with no gaps.

Our metal roof services can extend your roof’s life by years and save you on building heating and cooling costs.

Metal Roof Coatings

There are several notable metal roof coatings available on the market today. These coatings mostly have a base of either silicone, acrylic, elastomeric, or polyurethane.

And not every coating works well with every metal roof. It is best to seek the advice of an expert to ensure you get the best result from your coating. Or, better yet, let Foam Roof Solutions, with their experienced team of contractors, help.


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