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Some of the great architects that gave Northern California homes a distinctive style include: Joe Eichler, William Wurster, Roger Lee, John Funk, Henry Hill, Donald Olsen, Jack Hillmer, Charles Moore, and  Beverly David Thorne (designed the Oakland Hills home of jazz legend Dave Brubeck). After designing homes in Southern California, Frank Lloyd Wright added to the Northern style.

The designs escaped the European gable and embraced straight lines and unexpected curves. There is an openness to the design to incorporate light and blend indoor and outdoor space. The designs often called for a roof with little to no pitch. The European homes often required the steep pitched roof to shed water and snow – not as necessary in Northern California.

Energy management was not in the fore-front of these designers’ intention; very different from the current sensibilities of Californians. A simple improvement to these marvelous homes, without compromising the aesthetic, is the addition of a foam roof.

If your home has a foam roof, it may be in need of repair. A foam roof should last a lifetime, however it does require maintenance. A properly installed and maintained foam from Foam Roof Solutions will protect and insulate your classic home from the elements.

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