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Way Back in 2005, then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his Million Solar Roof Initiative. To help California encourage more renewable energy throughout the state, the initiative ushered in the 30% California solar tax credits that allows residential solar customers to write off 30% of the cost of putting solar on their homes with the goal of installing 1 million new solar projects on homes and business by 2018.

The tax incentive provided a major boost to the state’s solar industry and millions of California’s decided to install solar on their home or business. While the full 30% will expire on January 1st, Californians will still have another year to install a solar system and get a 26% write off. Under current legislation, that number will then drop to 22% in 2021. That means if you are thinking about installing solar on your flat roof, you need to start planning now.

If you also are in need of a new flat roof or think your older flat roof will need repairs after this winter, you have the perfect opportunity to install a new spray foam roof that will make your home energy efficient while saving even more money long-term by installing solar at the same time.

And while the savings for your wallet are what motivates many people to go green and install solar on their homes, you’ll also know that you have contributed to a massive revolution in energy in California. According to the California Public Utility Commission, the state passed the 1 million solar project threshold over the summer, and there have been 1,046,792 projects that have utilized the solar tax incentive so far.

Those millions of Californians are now generating over 8,730 megawatts of clean solar power – the equivalent of four nuclear power plants the size of Diablo Canyon.

If you haven’t already, make 2020 the year to add solar to your flat roof and let Foam Roof Solutions help you decide the best options for your home. As I have mentioned previously in my blogs, some contractors may try to convince you that the cheapest solution (for the contractor at least) is your only option. If you need help navigating this process or just have questions about your flat roof and what options are available to you, call Foam Roof Solutions for a consultation today at 1 (800) 878-1480.

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