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Our mantra is “protecting the environment one roof at a time”. In all of your online research, what other roofing system have you found that has all of the environmental benefits besides spray foam? Because a spray foam roof is “spray applied”, it goes on as a liquid and rises and dries into a solid (creating an insulated barrier) in less than 3 minutes. This means that the entire prepared substrate is 100% sealed in with nowhere for water or air to go. If you own a conventional tar roof, when the temperature outside is 80 degrees, your roof surface can be as high as 120 degrees. With a spray foam roof and a “cool roof” reflective coating over the top, it can be 80 degrees outside and your foam roof surface can be as low as 70 degrees. With the foam barrier and the reflective “cool roof” coating on top, your home or building will see nearly 100% heat transfer reduction and the inside temperatures can go as low as 15-20 degrees lower in the summer. In the winter, because the solid sheet of insulating foam on your roof creates a vapor barrier, you get to keep all the heat your heater is producing thus reducing your winter energy costs. Give us a call or email us anytime if you have any further questions about the benefits of spray foam roofing. (800) 878-1480

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