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Who’s telling you that you need to tear your old foam roof off & replace it? The majority of foam roofs, do not need to be replaced. In fact, even your tar & gravel, torch down, built up or bitumen roof doesn’t need to be replaced, it just needs to be restored. Because most existing roofs do not need to be torn off & replaced, you should ask yourself who’s suggesting it does? When a foam roof is installed, there is a protective UV coating placed over the top in order to keep the foam roof system performing for years to come. Even a foam roof without the protective coating can remain leak free for 15-20 years. So, if the foam roof you have has been on for over 15 years and hasn’t leaked, why would you tear it off if it can be restored? Most conventional roofers will tell you to tear it off, because they have no way to restore it. As well, they can’t sell you a new roof if they don’t recommend a tear off. If  a foam roofing company recommends that you tear it off and replace it, they either know what they are doing and your roof is completely shot or they’d rather sell you a $35,000.00 new roof, rather than a $16,000.00 restoration. Just like going to the doctor, make sure you get a second and even a third opinion before tearing off and replacing your old roof. If you’d like to know if your flat roof (any material) can be restored, please give us a call at (800) 878-1480 for a free evaluation & estimate.

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