Sacramento and San Jose Spray Foam Roofing

Sacramento and San Jose Spray Foam Roofing Contractors

Spray Foam Roof Insulation

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay area and shopping for a spray foam roofing contractor Foam Roof Solutions recommends only contractors who are manufacturer qualified and hands on. Our contractors are the only spray foam roofing installers who actually spray your roof. As far as we know, all other spray foam roofing contractors from San Jose to Sacramento hire wage based employees to install their spray foam roofs. This means even though the company may have been in business for many years, the actual applicator of your roof is not the contractor. If you’ve researched spray foam roofing at all, you already know it’s a specialized application which requires years of experience and understanding details. Every Foam Roof Solutions contractor installs a custom, owner applied masterpiece.

What makes our Sacramento Spray Foam Roofing contractors different?

Our Sacramento spray foam roofing contractors spray 2″ of spray foam (SPF) as a standard thickness (residential only) not the industry 1.5″ thickness. This gives you more insulation and more comfort knowing it will never be too hot or too cold in Northern California for your home. We have clients in some of the hottest parts of San Jose & Sacramento who report a 15-20 degree difference in the temperature of the home without using air conditioning. Imagine the savings you can enjoy with an SPF roofing system!

San Jose Foam Spray Foam Roofing Contractors

Foam Roof Solutions works with San Jose spray foam roofing contractors who are qualified to spray specific manufacturer materials. This means as a consumer, you always know what product was sprayed on your roof and that our coatings are not “shopped out” for cheaper, less quality coatings. We use General Coatings Corporation ( or BASF ( products only. These are the highest quality products in the industry with up to 20 year warranties.

Foam Roof Solutions is the leading sprayed polyurethane foam & coatings consulting and referral service from Sacramento to San Jose, CA. We pride ourselves in good communication, integrity and guaranteed competitive pricing. If you get a quote from any other contractor than a Foam Roof Solutions contractor, please give us a call to compare.

Remember these three things when comparing:

  1. Custom roof built by the contractor.
  2. 2″ of foam for maximum insulation.
  3. General Coatings or BASF foam & coatings only.

When shopping for a quality foam roofing system it’s always smart to get more than one estimate, so make sure to ask your other spray foam roofing contractors who are bidding on your roof if they can promise the same guarantees, then give us a call. (800) 878-1480.

If you want to find out more about our flat roof repair services, give us a call at: (800) 878-1480

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