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Fully qualified Foam Roofing Contractors in Sacramento & San Jose can help keep your roof leak-free

Spray Foam Roofing Contractors in Sacramento & San Jose - Foam Roof Solutions | Serving the Bay Area & Sacramento

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay area and are looking for a spray foam roofing contractor, it is worth remembering that Foam Roof Solutions only works with the best, manufacturer-approved roofing contractors in San Jose.

 As far as we know, all other spray foam roofing contractors from San Jose to Sacramento hire wage-based employees to install their spray foam roofing, rather than choosing to work with dedicated spray foam roofing experts. 

So, even if you choose another company that may have been in business for many years, the actual person who works on your roof will not be the contractor themselves.

If you’ve researched spray foam roofing at all, you already know that applying SPF is a specialized procedure that requires years of experience and in-depth subject knowledge. Each and every one of the roofing contractors in San Jose that Foam Roof Solutions works with has a wealth of experience applying SPF roofing to many different types of roofing, from residential properties to huge commercial buildings. 

We treat every roof as unique and plan accordingly. Taking our time, we never rush a job and are proud to deliver custom solutions, rather than approach every job in exactly the same way each time. 

What separates our Spray Foam Roofing contractors from the rest of the pack?

Our spray foam roofing contractors in Sacramento & San Jose apply spray foam (SPF) to a thickness of 2″ a standard thickness, as opposed to the rest of our industry which typically applies spray foam to a thickness of only 1.5″ on residential properties. 

The extra half an inch of cover means that you benefit from additional insulation, and additional protection for your home in Northern California. We have clients in some of the hottest areas of San Jose & Sacramento who report a 15-20 degree difference in the temperature of their home without using air conditioning. Imagine the savings you could benefit from by choosing an SPF roofing system!

San Jose Foam Spray Foam Roofing Contractors

Foam Roof Solutions works with spray foam roofing contractors in San Jose who are fully qualified to spray manufacturer-approved products. This means that if you choose to work with Foam Roof Solutions, you know that only the very best spray foam roofing products will be used on your roof, as we never use non-branded coatings, only those that we know and trust.

We are proud to only use General Coatings Corporation (www.generalcoatings.net) and BASF (www.spf.basf.com/building_owners_roofing.php) products. These are the highest quality products in the industry with up to 20-year warranties.

Foam Roof Solutions is the leading sprayed polyurethane foam and coatings consulting and referral service in Sacramento and San Jose, CA. We pride ourselves on being very good communicators. We are always available to give help and advice on any aspect of roofing insulation and flat roof repair in San Jose and beyond.

And the great news is that with Foam Roof Solutions, you can benefit from the best insulation, installed by the most highly qualified spray foam roofing experts, all at a highly competitive price. We’re confident that when you take every aspect into consideration, we really are the best in the business! 

In fact, if you receive a quote from any other roofing insulation company, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Do remember our three key advantages when comparing prices with one of our competitors:

  1. We provide roof insulation installed by expert contractors.
  2. We apply 2″ of foam for maximum performance.
  3. We only use General Coatings and BASF foam & coatings.

When shopping for a foam roofing system it’s always a good idea to get more than one estimate. Be sure to ask other spray foam roofing contractors if they can match the same guarantees that we can, then give us a call at (925) 433-1192‬

Flat roof repair in San Jose

We also offer comprehensive flat roof repair services throughout Sacramento & San Jose. If you wish to find out how we can help repair and restore your flat roof, please give us a call at: (925) 433-1192‬

If you want to find out more about any of our services, call or text us at ‭(925) 433-1192

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