The art of finding the right spray foam roofing contractor.

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Yes, believe it or not, it is an art to find the right sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing contractor and you will become the artist during your journey. Making the decision to replace your flat roof is one thing, but finding a competent spray foam roofing contractor is another. Where do you go to find them? Yelp? Google? Whatever your favorite search engine, you will quickly learn that foam roofing is a crazy animal and it’s difficult to navigate who’s telling the truth.

The first thing I can tell you is that there is NO “superior” SPF product. Only superior application & installation. All foam roofing materials (chemicals) are Federally regulated and the manufacturers of SPF pay big money to have their products government certified. SPF requires two component chemicals. The “A” side & the “B” side. When these two chemicals are properly mixed, they react and create a “foamy” material when sprayed to a surface. The “A” chemical comes from the same manufacturer for ALL foam roofing companies. The “B” side can come from a variety of manufactures (same with the UV coating) In any case, if your foam roof salesperson tells you that they spray a superior product, they are 100% filled with B.S. and this should be your first flag that you may be dealing with someone who’s more interested in your money than the quality of your roof installation.

Just because the foam roofing company that your getting an estimate from appears to be “larger than life” and advertises constantly on the radio or hangs flyers, doesn’t mean they have any better equipment, installation procedures or customer service, it just means they have more money to spend on advertising. Virtually all foam roofing companies have similar equipment that is up-to-date and meets California regulations to spray highly controlled chemicals in the state of California. Some companies do have more money to invest in newer equipment, but overall as long as the chemicals are mixed properly, SPF is SPF. The important thing to know is that spraying foam is not roofing. Roofing is a completely different type of knowledge and your SPF roofer needs both.

Do you feel “strong-armed”? Does your salesperson seem cocky or pushy? Another red flag in my opinion. The reason I started Foam Roof Solutions was exactly what the name says. Solutions. Pushing you into buying my product will not create a long-term relationship. We are looking for solutions for your flat roof and if I can help you I will and if I can’t I won’t. I would prefer educating you on the benefits of SPF roofing in the beginning than 5-years into the warranty relationship, you wished I’d never given you an estimate. Education is the key to everything, so if your SPF salesperson doesn’t seem like they are competent in their explanation of SPF roofing… Red flag.

Finally for this blog post… COMMUNICATION. At Foam Roof Solutions, we want you to feel like you can contact someone at any time. Whether it’s me personally or one of our contractors or manufacturer consultants, Foam Roof Solutions has someone who’s an expert in SPF roofing who you can talk with.

Call me (Gus) anytime on my cell phone for a free (no pressure) conversation/consultation regarding your experience in finding the right SPF contractor for your flat roof project. (925) 433-1192. Or, go to our consultant page and email any of our experts with your questions.

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