The Importance of Insulating Metal Roofing

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Property owners in Sacramento and the Bay Area should think carefully about how energy-efficient their metal roofing is. The most appropriate method of metal roof insulation will be determined by factors including; the specific form of metal roofing that you have, your budget, and if your existing roof requires restoration, repair, or even a full replacement.

By choosing to work with an experienced roofing contractor, you’ll be able to gain expert advice as to the condition of your metal roofing and get a quote for new metal roofing insulation at the same time.

Today, one of the most popular forms of metal roofing insulation for properties in Sacramento and the Bay Area is foam roofing. Spray foam insulation is a mixture of polyurethane and isocyanate that is sprayed onto the underside of a metal roof before it expands and solidifies to form a rigid foam insulation layer which offers excellent levels of insulation and helps to prevent water from leaking.

The added insulation provided by adding foam roofing to properties with metal roofing in Sacramento and the Bay Area can lead to substantial energy savings on monthly bills. This is due to the fact that during winter, SPF prevents heat from escaping, and in warmer months, it helps to ensure a cooler indoor temperature.

A further added advantage of SPF is its environmental credentials. The application of SPF emits no harmful chemicals into the air during spraying and becomes chemically inert once cured. Reputable contractors will also apply a water-based UV protective top coat to SPF roofing that, once hardened, helps to reflect harmful UV rays and ensures that your roofing will last for longer.

When is the right time to add foam roofing insulation to properties in Sacramento and The Bay Area?

As architects and city planners are now much more aware of the importance of metal roof insulation and the role that it plays in reducing energy consumption, newly-built properties with metal roofs are fitted with insulation as standard. However, older metal roofs often don’t have adequate insulation, and in this case, the insulation should be restored or replaced.

If you are unsure about the condition of your metal roofing, the best course of action is to contact a roofing contractor and ask for a metal roof assessment. Foam Roof Solutions works with the very best foam roofing contractors in Sacramento and the Bay Area. They have a team of manufacturer-qualified installers ready to assess your roof’s condition and determine if your metal roofing requires new insulation, or if it needs to be recoated.

The installation of foam roofing insulation in Sacramento and the Bay Area begins with cleaning the existing metal roof and then applying spray foam using specialized equipment. It is crucial to partner with foam roofing experts who provide high levels of customer service, as well as offering metal roof insulation that does the job and stands the test of time.

Foam Roof Solutions is committed to delivering top- level customer service and aftercare to all property owners in Sacramento and the Bay Area.

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