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Only foam roofs survive Hurricane Katrina.

By the time a water stain shows inside your home the damage can already be extensive. Mold and rot may have been developing over months or years. Even though modern foam roofing materials have warranties, weather damage or improper installation can lead to water damage.

At Foam Roof Solutions we believe in prevention. One way to prevent and limit damage is to have a professional look at your home’s roof and provide a free evaluation of your home’s foam roof. Sun can cause a foam roof to degrade over time. We have a No Leak Guarantee (see more details below).

There are a number of items to consider when evaluating a roof for potential damage. These include:

  1. Roof supporting structure and supports
  2. Inspecting the ceiling for water spots
  3. Looking for “soft-spots” in walls, ceilings, and floors
  4. Visual inspection for warped or wet (damp) flooring

Damage can occur over time or suddenly. The repair may be covered by your home owner’s insurance policy in the case of a sudden and unexpected event. A licensed professional roofing company is the right choice to document the type of damage which may have happened. Tracking the source of water leaks in a roof can be a tricky process. Water can enter at one part of the roof, travel along the underlayment before seeping into the home.

The team at Foam Roof Solutions understands the potential weak points in flat and low-pitched roofs with an existing foam roofing material. During the free evaluation we are looking for signs of potential damage. The Sun is an enemy of foam roofs and can damage the material due to neglect of the protective coating. Problems with Flashing happen due to improper installation or as a result of weather conditions such as high winds. Vents on the roof for skylights, ventilation, or plumbing can be weak points.

This year of the pandemic has led to many people spending more time in their homes. Our crews rarely have to enter a home; if they do need entry, they have been trained in COVID-19 safety protocols. Rest assured when a member of our technical team arrives, all safety measures are taken.

Foam Roof Solutions offers a No Leak Guarantee. Those customers scheduling a roofing project for 2021 and making a deposit receive the No Leak Guarantee. The Foam Roof Solutions team will respond within 24-hours of notification of a leak before the new roof is installed.

A free evaluation of your roof today can save thousands in costly repairs. Contact Foam Roof Solutions today and take advantage of our No Leak Guarantee. When shopping for a quality system make sure to ask your other spray foam roofing contractors can promise the same guarantees we offer. Give us a call. (800) 878-2480 or schedule today: https://foamroofsolutions.com/contact-us/

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