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Foam Roof Solutions is your go-to expert for commercial spray foam roofing in Sacramento, California. We specialize in providing top-tier foam roofing services tailored to meet the unique needs of commercial buildings and projects. With an impressive track record in commercial roofing restoration and installation, our team is dedicated to ensuring the longevity and durability of your commercial property's roof.

Why Choose Us for Your Sacramento Commercial Roofing Needs?

Specialized Roofing Contractor Expertise

Our Sacramento team has extensive experience in complex commercial projects, making us a leading roofing contractor in the region.


Advanced Foam Roofing Solutions

Foam roofing offers unparalleled benefits for commercial properties, including superior insulation, leak protection, and energy efficiency. Our expertise in foam roofing applications sets us apart.

Expert Commercial Roof Restoration

We are seasoned professionals in commercial roof restoration, revitalizing roofs to their optimal condition while extending their life and enhancing their performance.

Comprehensive Commercial Roofing Services in Sacramento


Foam offers unparalleled efficiency in insulation per square foot, making it the top choice for roofing insulation.

Exceptionally waterproof, foam roofing ensures that even when the surface suffers damage, the integrity of the waterproof seal remains intact.

Its lightweight yet robust nature means foam adds no undue stress to structures, maintaining stability.

Versatile in application, foam can adhere to any roofing surface, no matter the material, size, or shape, ensuring a seamless fit.

Known for its durability and strong adhesion, foam roofing material stands the test of time, providing reliable protection for years.

Requiring minimal upkeep, a foam roof typically needs a re-coat only every few years, offering a long-lasting roofing solution with decades of service.

Who should choose Foam Roof Solutions?

At Foam Roof Solutions, we are committed to delivering high-quality, sustainable foam roofing solutions. Our use of top-grade materials and advanced techniques ensures that your commercial roofing project not only meets but exceeds industry standards. We pride ourselves on our sustainable practices, aiming to minimize environmental impact while providing durable, long-lasting roofing solutions.

With over 25 years of expertise as a spray foam technician, Harry Spriggs has led projects across California, spanning from iconic Eichler and contemporary residential homes to expansive industrial and commercial ventures. His work has covered millions of square feet of SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) roofing systems. In 2009, Harry established Valley Foam, Inc. (VF, Inc.), a venture born from his vision to uphold unparalleled standards of workmanship across all projects, regardless of their scale or complexity, freed from the constraints he faced while employed under contractors with differing values.

VF, Inc. is committed to fulfilling the unique needs of each customer, delivering superior quality and craftsmanship that not only meets but surpasses industry benchmarks. Harry’s profound knowledge and comprehensive training empower him and his team to offer top-tier installations and exceptional service at competitive rates.

Addressing the complexities of flat roofs, which often involve integrating SPF with other roofing materials, VF, Inc. boasts a team of adept craftsmen capable of managing additional roofing types, including asphalt shingle, concrete, or tile, as well as addressing any associated dry rot or fascia challenges.

As a certified contractor for leading SPF manufacturers, VF, Inc. guarantees the use of premium quality SPF and protective coatings in every project, steering clear of private label or independent products.

Dedicated to sustainable practices, VF, Inc. prioritizes the restoration of existing foam roofs to prevent unnecessary waste in landfills. The company stands behind its work with a 15-year “no-leak” warranty for both new installations and restorations.

For those considering SPF roofing solutions, we invite you to reach out to us immediately to secure an estimate, as our availability for this roofing season is becoming limited. Contact us at (800) 878-1480.

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Harry Spriggs
Valley Foam, Inc. – CCB #959211


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