In Palo Alto, Foam Roof Solutions stands out as an exceptional provider of high-quality, dependable foam roofing services. Our expert contractors are highly experienced in applying SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam), a seamless, watertight, and insulating material that’s well studied, to flat and sloped roofs. Well known for its superior insulation properties and its durability, SPF is an ideal choice for Palo Alto's unique properties, including the iconic Eichler homes. Contact Foam Roof Solutions for reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly roofing solutions in Palo Alto.


Expert Roof Restoration Services

If you require roof repair in Palo Alto, Foam Roof Solutions has specialist restorers who have the skill and experience required to repair Palo Alto’s unique roofs, including Eichler homes.
We can fully restore your roof so that it looks as good as new, and we will ensure that it continues to offer the maximum level of protection for your property for a very long time.


Spray Over Your Existing RooF

Our innovative application method allows us to apply spray foam roofing in Palo Alto directly to an existing roof. This process leaves you with a seamless, waterproof layer that improves insulation and energy efficiency without the need for extensive modifications to your roof.


Our team has extensive experience working with Palo Alto’s Eichler homes and can apply tailored foam roofing solutions that respectfully and tastefully complement the unique architectural style of these beloved homes. We use the very latest application techniques that are in keeping with the traditional aesthetic of Eichler homes.


Benefits of Foam Roofing:


Per square foot, foam is the most efficient roofing insulation.

Foam roofing is highly effective at waterproofing your roof, and even if the surface sustains some damage, the roof itself remains dry.

Foam is a lightweight but very robust substance that won’t put adverse strain on your roof.

Foam can be sprayed on virtually any roof, regardless of construction materials, size, or shape.

Foam is a highly durable and long-lasting roofing solution that has exceptional adherence.

Foam roofing is very low-maintenance and typically only requires re-coating every few years and can last for decades.

Choose Local Experts

As a Foam Roofing Contractor in Palo Alto, we pride ourselves on our local knowledge and are fully commitment to providing the highest level of customer service. We are here to serve the community of Palo Alto, offering reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly roofing solutions.

Your local contractor: 

With over 25 years of experience as a spray foam expert, Harry Spriggs has worked on countless homes in Palo Alto, applying foam roofing and conducting roofing repairs on residential homes and industrial properties, including Eichler homes and contemporary buildings right across California. Harry’s expertise covers the installation of millions of square feet of SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) roofing. In 2009, he established Valley Foam, Inc. (VF, Inc.), driven by his commitment to high-quality craftsmanship in every job he takes on, regardless of scale or complexity, and independent from the constraints he experienced while working under the regime of other contractors.

At VF, Inc., the focus is not merely meeting but surpassing customer expectations and maintaining industry-leading standards in quality and craftsmanship, thanks to Harry and his team’s exceptional skill and expertise.  

The extensive knowledge that they’ve acquired through comprehensive training programs enables them to offer the best services at extremely competitive prices.

Dealing with flat roofs often involves integrating SPF with other roofing materials and devising bespoke solutions. VF, Inc. is adept at dealing with numerous types of roofing, including asphalt shingle, concrete, and tile. Moreover, they are more than equipped to address any associated issues, such as dry rot or fascia reparation, that can arise during the application of foam roofing.

Fully authorized by the major SPF manufacturers, VF, Inc. only uses top-grade SPF and protective coatings and avoids the use of white-label and independent products. 

VF, Inc. is fully committed to sustainable practices, focusing on restoring existing foam roofing where possible and avoiding unnecessary waste being dumped in landfills. We offer a robust 15-year “no-leak” warranty for all restoration and new installation projects.

For those considering an SPF roofing solution, VF, Inc. encourages prompt contact at (800) 878-1480, as availability may be limited this season.


Portrait of Harry

Harry Spriggs
Valley Foam, Inc. – CCB #959211


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