Foam Roof Solutions excels in providing top-tier foam roofing services throughout California, with a particular emphasis on the residential and commercial properties in San Mateo and the surrounding Peninsula areas. Our skilled contractors are proficient in the application of SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) insulation for both flat and sloped roofs, employing this cutting-edge method to create a continuous, watertight seal that greatly improves the thermal efficiency of buildings.

Why Choose Foam Roof Solutions for Your San Mateo Roofing Projects?


Unmatched Thermal Efficiency

In San Mateo, foam roofing is the premier option for enhancing the energy efficiency and comfort of both residential and commercial buildings. Its exceptional thermal resistance outperforms traditional roofing materials, making it a smart choice for the local climate.


Flawless Integration Over Existing Roofs

Our specialized spray foam application process forms a single, cohesive layer, eliminating common issues like seams and potential leaks. The dimensionally stable nature of foam roofing prevents expansion and contraction, protecting against moisture and environmental damage.

Professional Installation by Experts

Foam Roof Solutions offers a seamless, integrated approach to roofing, combining superior insulation with durable protection in one application. Our certified, experienced installers ensure high-quality, efficient service tailored to each project’s specific needs.

The Ideal Solution for Roof Restoration and New Installations::

Low Maintenance: SPF roofing systems are designed for longevity, requiring minimal upkeep and infrequent re-coating.

Complete Waterproofing: Even when the surface is compromised, the underlying structure remains protected and water-resistant.


Versatility: Suitable for any roofing scenario, SPF adapts perfectly to San Mateo's diverse architectural styles, from residential homes to commercial buildings.

Eichler Home Expertise: We provide specialized services that preserve and enhance the distinctive features of Eichler homes, ensuring optimal insulation and waterproof integrity.

Energy Cost Reduction: By choosing SPF, property owners can significantly reduce heating and cooling expenses, contributing to a greener, more sustainable environment.

Durable and Reliable: Recognized for its strength and longevity, SPF roofing is a dependable choice that stands the test of time.

Introducing Your San Mateo Foam Roofing Specialists:

When it comes to finding a reliable roofing solution in San Mateo and the wider Peninsula area, Foam Roof Solutions is unmatched. Our focus on both residential and commercial SPF roofing means we’re dedicated to achieving the best outcome for every customer.

Meet Your Peninsula Foam Roofing Expert:

Alex, our lead applicator at Foam Roof Solutions, is a veteran in the field with a California C-39 roofing contractor license (#1034100) and more than two decades of SPF application experience. His expertise is not limited to just applying foam; Alex is adept at integrating SPF with a variety of roofing materials, making him a valuable resource for any project. Certified by the major SPF manufacturers, Alex and his team use only the finest materials, ensuring every San Mateo project benefits from unparalleled quality and durability.

Choose Foam Roof Solutions for your San Mateo roofing needs, and experience the difference professional expertise and quality materials make in your next roofing project.

Portrait of Alex - Foam Roof Solutions

Alex Jimenez
Advanced Foam Roofing – Licensed C-39 Roofing Contractor (#1034100)


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Solar Installation by Foam Roof Solutions

“Alex Jimenez is a wonderful contractor. I felt complete confidence in his work and crew. Alex is so kind, patient and professional as was the rest of the crew. Highly recommended in my book.”

Thank you..

-Edie Brusstar

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