White Foam – Green Roof

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A foam roof protects the environment. When a new foam roof is applied, we don’t need to remove the prior roofing material – this means the old roof does not go into a landfill. We spray the foam directly onto the existing roof.

Our customers love the benefits of a foam roof. When the foam rises and dries it provides about 2” of insulation. The long-life of a foam roof will provide decades of energy savings. Just another reason the white foam is a “green roof”.

The foam provides a durable roofing solution while being safe for the environment. The only “enemy” of a foam roof is the sun. We protect the foam roof with a water-based acrylic to protect against ultra-violet (UV) rays from the sun. Our protective UV coating can last from 15 to 30 years. The Environmental Protection Agency says there are no emissions while spraying the foam or UV coating that would harm animals or humans.

Once a foam roof has been installed, it will last a lifetime. Other roofing materials will need to be removed and replaced, adding waste to our landfills. Foam Roof Solutions wants you to have the best roof possible. The spray foam and coatings we use are made in the U.S.A. The roof is 100% walkable and has 25% more insulation than the competition.

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