Why Has Foam Roofing Become So Popular?

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Foam roofing in Sacramento has become a common sight over the last few years. If you’re wondering what the reason for this is, then you’ve come to the right place! – Read on to hear why SPF roofing the only choice for commercial, industrial, and residential properties in 2022.

Foam roofing, otherwise known as sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF), consists of two applications. First, sprayed polyurethane foam is a high-density material that’s long been established as high performance, low-cost insulator and secondly, an elastomeric (water-based) UV protective coating.

Energy efficiency

It’s no secret that energy costs in the US have dramatically increased over recent months. Electricity today is more expensive than it’s ever been, despite the adoption of alternative energy sources like wind farms and solar arrays. Sadly, this price increase is passed down to homeowners and corporations alike.

There are measures you can take to reduce your energy consumption, and roof insulation is high on the list of the most cost-effective initiatives on the market. Foam roofing creates an effective thermal barrier that prevents the transfer of heat. This thermal barrier means that you use less electricity powering heating and cooling devices, which in turn reduces your carbon footprint, helping you to do your part for the environment.


A further issue that affects many properties is water leakage and dampness. Standing water, insufficient drainage, and poor installation can all lead to expensive and highly disruptive water damage. In fact, insurance companies are now using Google Earth to spot standing water areas on flat roofs and requiring homeowners to “fix” the problem. Replacing structural beams is expensive and an SPF roofing system will solve this problem as well as the other benefits mentioned.

Foam roofing, by its very nature, is watertight. Spray foam is first applied in liquid form, which means that it can seep into every crack and crevice, fully sealing your roof. With an SPF roof in place, you’ll save money on maintenance and your roof will last much longer. Indeed, SPF roofs are known to last for decades without requiring restoration or repair.

With a high-quality foam roof installation, homeowners benefit from a waterproof, energy-efficient roof that can pay for itself before the warranty period expires.

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