Wow! Alex and his crew really know how to install a foam roof!

Foam Roof Solutions is so proud to be affiliated with Alex Jimenez and his team at Advanced Foam Roofing! Alex comes from one of the largest foam roofing companies in California and has installed MILLIONS of square feet of commercial foam roofing over the past 25 years. Alex is now dedicated to working with San Francisco bay area families to help with their residential roof installations. Spray foam roofing provides superior leak protection and has extremely high insulation values. On a recent project in Sacramento, Alex and his crew literally tore the roof apart and put it back together (see pictures). Although this roof was small, it was a big project. Surrounded by three sides of tile, the roof had been leaking for a long time (owner unaware), so a significant amount of dry rot had formed in the plywood sheathing under the torch-down (tar & gravel style) roof. Alex and crew removed all tiles, rotten wood and replaced the flat portion with sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF). Upon completion, Foam Roof Solutions received a call from the owner, praising Alex & Advanced Foam Roofing (see our Foam Roof Solutions Google reviews) regarding his timeliness, cleanliness and most importantly, not breaking any of the cement tiles upon replacement. The owner of this home will never need to replace his roof again and the small, but mighty SPF roof will cool the temperature of the room underneath by 15-20 degrees. In a large home, these small roofs suck the life out of the heating and air conditioning due to no insulation. This costs the family comfort and energy. Why? Because heat & air always travel to the hottest or coldest place in the home even if it’s only one room (especially additions). If you would like to schedule a free estimate you can email Alex at or call (800) 878-1480.Before and After RoofingImproved Roof Insulation Solution

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