Your Ultimate Guide to Commercial Foam Roofing From its Benefits, to its Installation

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If you’re contemplating investing in your property this year and you reside either in the Bay Area, or in Sacramento, commercial foam roofing is a really cost-effective option for reducing energy consumption and increasing the lifespan of your commercial roof. Here is a list of the headline features of commercial foam roofing:

Your Ultimate Guide to Commercial Foam Roofing From its Benefits, to its Installation - Foam Roof Solutions | Serving the Bay Area & Sacramento

Superior Thermal Insulation & Eco Friendly credentials

Commercial foam roofing provides exceptional thermal insulation, forming an airtight barrier which greatly reduces heat transfer. What this means in practical terms is significant savings on heating and cooling bills and a reduced carbon footprint, making it an environmentally responsible solution.

Seamless Protection & Moisture Control

Commercial foam roofing (or SPF insulation) is applied in liquid form which then expands and hardens to form a seamless, continuous layer that fills all small cracks, thereby preventing water leaks. The airtight seal created also helps to reduce condensation and the growth of mold.

Versatile & Long Lasting

Foam roofing in Sacramento is suitable for many different types of commercial buildings, including warehouses, offices, retail spaces, and more besides. It can be applied to flat or sloped roofs, walls, and ceilings, making it the ideal solution whichever type of premises you own. When it has been professionally installed and properly maintained, foam roofing in the Bay Area and Sacramento can last for decades without any signs of significant degradation.

So, that’s the evidence for why foam roofing in the Bay Area and Sacramento makes for such a good solution, but you may be wondering how commercial foam roofing is applied and what you can expect over its lifetime? Allow us to answer these questions for you, please read on:

Thorough Roof Inspection & Surface Preparation

The first task is to conduct a thorough roof inspection. By identifying any pre-existing damage, cracks, or areas in need of repair in advance, spray foam roofing contractors can ensure that the application of spray foam will be quick and straightforward. The surface of the roof will also need to be prepared and cleaned to ensure a seamless application of spray foam.

Choosing The Right Time & The Right Equipment

Your commercial foam roofing contractor will help you to choose a day / date when the local weather is within the parameters for a successful application of spray foam. Essentially you should avoid very high temperatures, very low temperatures, and very wet conditions. For the best performance you should only use professional-grade equipment. Leading Foam roofing contractors in the Bay Area and Sacramento have access to the very best equipment and know the best techniques in order to get the full potential out of commercial foam roofing.

Curing Time & Post-Installation Inspection

Spray foam roofing contractors will recommend that you allow plenty of time for the spray foam to cure and expand fully before applying a protective coating. They’ll conduct a final inspection after the spray foam has cured, ensuring proper adhesion and coverage, before addressing any minor issues which need touching-up, before your commercial property is fully insulated and protected for many years to come!

At Foam Roof Solutions, we collaborate with meticulously chosen, fully certified contractors. They guarantee the application of spray foam roofing adheres to all local environmental regulations, and that they go above and beyond to deliver premium quality insulation to all of their clients. 

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