Enhance Your Flat Roof with the Right Insulation

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Flat roofing insulation is a very effective measure for increasing energy efficiency. For a roof to be classed as flat it will have a pitch of less than 10 degrees. Conventional pitched roofs have different forms of insulation than flat roofs do, and once appropriately insulated, flat roofs can be more efficient than pitched roofs and can suffer from less condensation and reduced overall costs.

Flat roof Insulation

Flat roof insulation can really help to keep the indoor temperature hospitable and consistent. Forms of flat roofing insulation include fiberglass, wood fibers, and SPF Foam application. Foam works exceptionally well as an insulator and is frequently used in contemporary buildings.

What’s the difference between cold & warm flat roof insulation?

There are primarily two methods for adding insulation to flat roofs when they are built: ‘warm flat roofing’, which places insulation material on top of a pre-existing roof, and cold flat roofing which features insulation placed between joists.

Warm flat roof insulation is a good construction option if your primary goal is to reduce energy consumption (and therefore utility bills). Additionally, warm flat roofing will also help to lower moisture levels. Warm flat roof insulation helps reduce dampness and decay by allowing moisture to escape. It also allows heat to be retained without any need for roof gap ventilation.

Cold flat roof insulation, on the other hand, works by sandwiching an insulating layer between, or under, wood rafters. This results in a colder roof and is typically viewed as an antiquated form of flat roof insulation. Cold flat roofing is more suited to outbuildings and detached garages, which don’t typically require a temperate climate. Cold flat roofing is however significantly cheaper to install.

The type of structure you intend to build will have a significant impact on your decision about which is the appropriate form of insulation for your roof. Making sure the insulating layer is located above any wood rafts is the key to warm flat roof insulation. When installed correctly, the temperature inside the loft is roughly equal to that within the building itself.

Spray foam insulation

SPF insulation has proven to be one of the most beneficial forms of insulation for existing flat roofs. Polyurethane foam has been used as an insulation material for decades now and is known to perform very well at reducing energy bills. Application is much cheaper than alternative measures too.

Foam roofs are easy to install and maintain and can last for decades without the need for reapplication. It’s not hard to see why spray foam insulation is the most sought-after solution for owners of properties with flat roofs.

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